Fund Details

The Peregrine Fund does not represent a complete investment program, and is best suited as a long-term holding representing up to 10% of invested funds. An investment in the Peregrine Fund should be viewed as a speculative investment, and entered into by those who could handle the loss of the entire investment.

Current clients typically expect to hold the Peregrine Fund for a term consistent with goals such as building an inheritance, investing for retirement, or diversifying their investment portfolio.

  • The Peregrine Fund is available directly from Peregrine to Accredited Investors in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia
  • The minimum investment is $150,000
  • There is a 1-year hold on redemption of the initial investment
  • There are no transaction fees payable on either subscription or redemption
  • The Peregrine Fund charges a Management Fee of 2% annually, and receives a Performance Fee of 20% over a hurdle of an annual investment return of 8% (net of fees)