Peregrine specializes in identifying mispriced small-cap growth stocks before the market recognizes their value — with a particular emphasis on the technology sector, financial services, healthcare, and the Canadian market in general, where we have a competitive edge. By combining a bird’s eye view of macroeconomic developments with a constant, ground-level awareness of stocks, we’re able to maximize absolute returns.

The Peregrine Fund is a long-short Fund with a bias towards long positions. It typically invests in approximately 25 securities. See our details for more information about the Peregrine Fund and the Peregrine Trust, including eligibility and fees.


Because of Peregrine’s relatively small size, we’re able to buy and sell securities with speed and precision. And with a substantial portion of our President and Portfolio Manager’s funds invested alongside yours, we move with well-researched purpose — and an intelligent sense of control.


The formal objective of the Peregrine Fund is to target a return that will substantially outperform the returns of major North American indices over a 3-year time period, and achieve positive absolute returns. Review our performance.